Can Dash Mats Reduce Windshield Glare?

Nearly every driver has experienced windshield glare at some point. It is not only bothersome and a cause of distraction, but it can pose a real danger to drivers as it can prevent you from clearly seeing where you are going. In fact, windshield glare can actually cause an accident while driving because it can obscure you from seeing oncoming traffic and limit your view of the road. 

It is vitally important while operating a vehicle to be able to see clearly where you are going, which is why it is vital to take measures to reduce or eliminate windshield glare. There are a few causes of windshield glare such as sunlight reflecting off of the dash board and headlight beams from others vehicles that reflect off the hood of your car. 

The most common cause of windshield glare is when the rays of the sun reflect off a car’s dashboard. Fortunately, there is a simple way to reduce and even eliminate windshield glare, by deploying a dash mat. 

Reduce Windshield Glare Using Dash Mats

There are many benefits of having a car dash mat, as these can not only help to protect your vehicle’s dashboard from the constant, harsh rays of the sun. They can also significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your car’s interior, and at the same time can help to prevent your dashboard from fading, staining and cracking. Can dash mats reduce windshield glare? Yes, dash mats can help reduce and eliminate dangerous windshield glare.

Unprotected plastic dashboards are highly reflective, as a result, light is reflected and puts strain on the driver’s eyes and obscures visibility. Many people have resorted to buying sunglasses to counter the effects of windshield glare. Thankfully, quality dash mats prevent sunlight from reflecting up from the dashboard and into your eyes, so you don’t need to spend money on sunglasses.

Windshield glare is often worse when driving modern cars, as new cars often have wider dashboards that will reflect more sunlight. 

Quality Dash Mats at All Car Carpets

At All Car Carpets, we have dash mat packs that are available for most makes and models of cars and trucks. These are specially designed and tested to ensure that dashboards are protected against the relentless rays of the sun. If you want to reduce or eliminate irritating windshield glare, and protect your car’s dashboard from fading, staining and cracking, then our durable dash mats are the perfect solution.