Car Seat Cover Material Options: How to Choose the Best for Your Needs

Car owners would normally subject their vehicles to regular tune-up and maintenance so that they do not have to spend a huge amount of money in replacing expensive components like engine, transmission, and brake system. Another key component that car owners always take care of is their car seats since they are always used by vehicle occupants.

While stock car seats are already durable, they are still exposed to various elements that can damage them in the long run. Some of these elements include dirt, dust, moisture, and even sunlight. Fortunately, car seat covers are now available to protect car seats from any harmful and damaging elements. 

Some materials available for seat covers include polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyester, canvas cotton, and jacquard. All these materials can readily protect your car seats from damaging elements. However, you should still choose a certain material or material combination that will fit your needs. To help you out, here are some factors to consider in choosing the best material for your car seat cover. 

Durability and Comfort

What is great about PVC is that it is resistant to weathering, shock, and abrasion. This specific material can handle being knocked around without leaving any damages. The same properties can also be found on canvas. Car owners typically purchase car seat covers with canvas since they are waterproof, rough, and made to withstand any damages. Comfort, however, is not a strong quality of PVC and canvas.

But with the combination of cotton and canvas, specific car seats with this material combination can now not only protect the stock car seats from any damages but also provide comfort to anyone who will be sitting inside the car. The polyester and canvas combination also boasts its protective nature since this car seat material can protect your stock car seats from wear and tear. For insulation, car seats that are made from cotton/canvas with a polyester backing are your most viable option.

Appearance and Style

As for appearance and style, going for car seats out of heavy-duty jacquard is the best option for you since they give your car a luxurious feel. One of the disadvantages of this material, though, is that it has poor water resistance and average overall quality. This type of material can also be a bit rougher compared to other seat cover materials.

Going back to canvas car seat covers, they are meant for car owners who have an active lifestyle. The resistance of these seat covers from water spills, mud splashes, and other dirty elements can arguably trump the appearance of other materials. Additionally, they also do not leave room for any ugly wrinkling and bunching of fabric. 

Pricing and Overall Value

When it comes to pricing, PVC car seat covers can be considered as one of the cheapest options for car owners out there. The process behind manufacturing PVC material products is cheap, which makes their total market value lower than other materials. Other car seat cover materials may be more expensive than PVC, but their valuable properties help compensate and justify their overall costs.

Even if these car seat cover materials differ from one type to another, the final decision for these materials will mostly depend on your preferences. However, if you still need help in choosing the best material for you, feel free to contact us at All Car Carpets.