Choose All Car Carpets: The Creation Process of Moulded Flooring and Its Available Types

One part of cars that must be protected from dirt and other similar elements is the flooring. As we get in the car, our shoes tend to bring in dirty elements from outdoors and ultimately accumulate over time. Apart from our shoes, some car occupants may likewise eat or drink inside the car, which then causes some food bits or drinks to drop on the floor. These instances alone can be horrendous for car owners, especially when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the flooring.

Fortunately, we, at All Car Carpets, offer moulded flooring products that can help prevent dirt from infiltrating the stock flooring of your cars. With our long years of experience in producing custom car products, we can assure our customers high-quality moulded flooring and excellent customer service.

Creating Moulded Flooring

In creating our moulded flooring, we often prioritise the needs and preferences of the car owners. 

Once we have collected everything from the car owner, we would eventually start with the creation process of the moulded flooring. First, we would take the fibreglass moulds of the floor pan of the car and use them in fitting the carpet that will be added to the car. The carpet is formed through heating and subsequently backed with polyethylene plastic for added protection. 

Next, a heel mat will be stitched on the driver side of the flooring so it can last for a long time. The stitching process likewise enables it to resist wear and tear. Consequently, trimming will be required since holes will not be cut for the transmission, seat mounts, door sills, and others.

The front carpets are meant to be overclocked, while the vinyl is intended to bound along the width only. Rear carpets or vinyl are not overclocked since they sit right under the front carpet. Car owners, at this point, can cut them to ensure correct fitment without affecting their overall quality. After all, we allow a little bit of extra metreage near the door strip to easily resolve any fitment issues.

Available Flooring Types

At All Car Carpets, we make sure that every car owner can obtain their preferred type of flooring. Some types of flooring that we offer are:

  • Executive Loop: The executive loop pile is created to replicate the interior of the vintage cars, especially those that are from the ’60s and ’70s. It is primarily comprised of 80% rayon and 20% nylon, making it closer to the historical roots of classic cars. 
  • Loop Pile: The loop pile, alternatively, is created out of high-quality acrylic yarn. This specific material helps the flooring look brand new for a very long time.
  • Plush Pile: Plush pile shares the same material with the loop pile. It is, however, much easier to clean, which can be great for car owners who have limited time to clean their cars.
  • Moulded Vinyl: Moulded vinyl, ultimately, is great for car owners who are heavy-duty outdoor lovers. This specific flooring does not wear right away as it can effectively resist moisture and water. It can easily fit in a wide range of 4x4’s, vans, and trucks.

For more information about moulded flooring, just give us a call at All Car Carpets.