Classic Carpet Kits in Factory Colours Available at All-Car Carpets

As time passes, and with much use, the condition of a car’s floor carpet will eventually deteriorate. When a car’s carpet is in a poor state of condition, it reflects badly on the both the vehicle and its owner. In fact, the condition of carpeting determines the look and feel of your car’s interior, which is why protecting and maintaining it is so important. Sadly, many vehicle owners still don’t utilise floor mats as much as they should, which cause premature wear and tear on car flooring.

Even when car mats are used, car flooring will eventually need to be replaced, such as when there are permanent stains, unpleasant odours that cannot be removed with shampooing, and from natural wear and tear. The best way to restore the look and feel of the interior of your vehicle is by replacing your car’s carpet.

While replacing car flooring is possible, the obstacle to overcome is trying to find or match the original factory colours. Unfortunately, many carpet kits do not have a wide selection of colours available that can match the interior of stock vehicles. This is especially true for older classic car interiors. It is nearly impossible to find classic carpet kits with factory colours to match the interiors of older vehicles.

Because of this, classic car owners have no other choice but to have custom moulded carpets made, which is more expensive and time-consuming than ordering and installing a classic carpet kit. Thankfully, there are now classic carpet kits in factory colours available at All-Car Carpets.

Classic Carpet Kits Can Increase the Market Value of Classic Cars

For vehicle owners that want to not only restore their classic cars, but also want to increase the market value of their cars can, it is possible by replacing old car flooring using a classic carpet kit from All-Car Carpets in Melbourne. At All-Car Carpets, we can custom install car flooring for any make and model of vehicle, to specially match factory colours when requested. However, most consumers prefer to purchase and install classic carpet kits whenever possible.

In an effort to meet the demands of our customers, All-Car Carpets now have classic carpet kits in factory colours available. Simply contact All-Car Carpets and tell us what make and model of car you have, and then we can schedule an installation date, its that easy to increase the market value of your classic car.