Custom Moulded Flooring for Cars: What are the Advantages?

The original flooring of your car can be susceptible to wear and tear over a long time of use. Whenever you and your passengers get inside the car, all your feet will mostly touch the floor surface. With your shoes on, you’ll never know the amount of dirt and dust that you are all bringing inside every time you are stepping in your car. 

One great way to prevent any damages on your original car flooring is to install a custom moulded flooring. A custom moulded flooring can serve as an additional layer to your car floor and yet can still give your car an appropriate style and colour of your liking. Installing custom moulded flooring can give you the following advantages. 

Dimensions are Matched

Custom moulded flooring can be beneficial for you since it matches the dimensions of your car’s flooring. What is great about this type of flooring is it can cover both the front and back sections of your car. The front section, which extends from the firewall to the area of your front seats, is greatly covered by the custom flooring. The custom flooring for the back section then extends from the ending point of the front section to the rear of the cabin area. 

Different Styles are Available

If you want to modify the colour and style of your car flooring, then installing custom moulded flooring can help you with that. A custom moulded flooring can be made out of a wide range of styles and colours. You can have your custom flooring done in a classic loop, plush, or super plush styles of a traditional carpet. Moreover, each custom flooring style has numerous colour options that can be compatible with your car’s interior design.

Durability is Guaranteed

The materials used for custom moulded flooring are durable and can withstand a long time of repetitive use. The installation of this type of car flooring prevents you from replacing the original car flooring for a long time since it protects the structural floor components of your car. Custom flooring can be made out of acrylic yarn, vinyl, rayon, or nylon.

Placement is Secured

When the custom moulded flooring is installed correctly, you are ensured that it will stay in place all the time. You won’t have to worry about the flooring slipping away whenever you suddenly hit the brake or stepping on it since a heel mat is sewn into place during the custom flooring installation. Constant readjustment of your car flooring will never be your problem anymore. 

For more information and other benefits of custom moulded flooring for your car, consult with us at All Car Carpets. We specialise in developing, fitting, and installing custom moulded flooring for trucks, work vans, and family cars and vans. You are ensured of high-quality products that are made to last for a long time.