Dash Mats and Seat Covers for Old Classic Cars

Scorching heat is a main concern when it comes to preserving the attractive interior of old classic cars, as heat can damage dashboards and seat upholstery. Because of the costs involved to restore classic cars to stock condition, or to customise them as is commonly done for those in vintage and classic car clubs, protecting the interior of their vehicles is part of the cost of maintain them.

Benefits of Dash Mats and Seat Covers for Old Classic Cars 

Not just old classic cars can benefit from having dash mats and seat covers, but new cars too. Not only do they help reduce the heat in your car, and can be custom made to add an elegant appeal to your vehicle’s interior, but there are other benefits too.

Benefits of custom dash mats and seat covers: 

Stylish – custom dash mats and seat covers are specially design to fit your old classic car perfectly, adding that personal touch of style that car enthusiasts are always seeking for their vehicles.

Protection from sunlight – UV rays from the sun can damage seat upholstery and dulls paint, it can even crack dashboards over time. Seat covers and dash mats are the best ways to shield your car’s interior from heat damage caused by UV rays.

Prevents scratches from dirt and dust – over time, unprotected car dashboards and seat upholstery become scratched and worn because of dirt and dust particles that build up. Dashboard mats and seat covers effectively keep dirt and dust particles at bay.

Saves petrol by improving you air-conditioner’s performance – dash mats have been proven to help reduce heat in cars, by improving air-conditioner performance. And, by doing so, it helps you to save petrol by not having to run your car’s air-conditioning as much.

Increase value of your classic car – if you ever consider selling your old classic car, dash mats and custom seat covers will help to preserve the condition of its interior, thus improving your vehicle’s resale value.

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