Easy Ways to Protect your Car Floor Mats

The original car floor material can often obtain substantial beating every time the owner and car occupants get inside the car. So, to effectively protect the original or stock material of the car floor, vehicle owners must purchase and install some car floor mats. The durability of the car floor mats allows them to protect the floors from wear and tear, ensuring that the car can last for a long time. They can also enhance and even alter the overall appearance of the car. 

To effectively maintain your car floor mats, you may want to consider the following ways in protecting them from various damaging elements.

Protecting Rubber Car Floor Mats

Rubber car floor mats are durable and can resist everyday wear and tear. But despite their strength, protecting them from various elements must still be done. You must protect your rubber car floor mats by cleaning them regularly and by applying certain products that can protect their surfaces.

When cleaning your rubber floor mats, you must remove them first from your car before spraying them with a garden house. Afterward, you must apply them with some degreaser scrubbing them with a large scrub brush. Then, you must spray them again with water and repeat the application of the degreaser. This time, you must use a small brush so you can get rid of any remaining dirt on hard to reach areas of the mats. Once again, the mats must be rinsed with water until the entire solution is removed. Using a leaf blower or compressed air, you must dry them fully before installing them back in your car.

Applying certain products to your rubber car floor mats can make their surface more durable and stronger. However, you must apply them optimally as they can make your mats slippery, which can be dangerous as you drive your car.

Protecting Carpet Car Floor Mats

Carpet car floor mats can give off a luxurious vibe and feel to you and other car occupants, which is why a lot of car owners own them. But similar to rubber car floor mats, carpet car floor mats must be cleaned properly so that their core properties can be preserved and protected throughout their service life.

The cleaning process of carpet car floor mats must start by removing them from your car. And then, you must remove any excess debris and dirty elements on the car floor mats through a paint scraper. As for your cleaning solution, you must mix one tablespoon of liquid hand washing soap with one tablespoon of white vinegar and two cups of warm water in a bucket. After applying the cleaning solution to a clean cloth, you can now blot any stains on your floor mats. Misting your mats with a fabric cleaner can easily remove the smell of the vinegar cleaning solution. Any remaining moisture on the mats must be blotted out.

Once the cleaning part is done, you must now apply some protective solutions. You must follow the directions of the solution, as well as the recommended drying times. Once the carpet car floor mats have finally dried out, you can now put them again into your car.

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