Effects of Humid Environment on Car Flooring

The effects of humid environment on car flooring can vary depending on where your car is stored, how long it is stored, and whether it has an adequate underlay to protect the flooring and carpet from humidity and moisture. Most vehicle owners do not realise how important carpet underlay is to a vehicle’s interior, as it provides a necessary layer of protection against humidity, moisture, and water.

The main concern of a constant humid environment is its effect on car flooring, as moisture will eventually buildup on the flooring. A constant presence of moisture on car flooring can cause rusting under your vehicle’s carpet underlay. The main cause of a humid environment is hot days and living near the coast, as the air has much moisture in it. Also, salt water and moisture from ocean air will cause metal to rust quicker than normal.

Another cause of a humid environment inside the interior of vehicles, which can negatively affect car flooring, is when there is a constant presence of water. Water can enter a car in a number of ways, through the car flooring when there is little or no car underlay, or when the underlay is old or damaged. This is typically the case with four-wheel drive vehicles. When water and moisture remains on the flooring, it creates a humid environment that can cause not only rust problems, but mildew and mould will also develop.

Mildew and mould are fungi – microscopic organisms – and they thrive in humid environments. When they are present on car flooring and carpet it creates an actual health hazard. The health risks associated with mould are well-known, and mould found on car flooring should be removed as soon as possible because it can cause rashes, runny nose, red eyes, and sneezing to you and your passengers.

The best way to stop mould and mildew from developing is to avoid a humid environment, by preventing water and moisture from entering and settling in the interior of your car. The most effective way to do that is by waterproofing your car’s underlay.

Benefits of Waterproof Underlay

Quality waterproof underlay can effectively protect your car flooring and carpet by preventing water from penetrating the interior of your car. Basically, when there is no water or moisture on your car flooring, mould and mildew will not develop.

Custom underlay is not only waterproof, but soundproof too, creating an acoustic barrier between the metal floor of your car and the carpet, which greatly reduces outside noise.