Foul and Musty Smell Inside Your Car: Consider Replacing Your Car Floor Mats

When purchasing a new car, car floor mats are typically included. While not all cars have them, car floor mats are important because they are designed to protect your vehicle’s flooring from dirt, dust, food, and general wear from use.

While floor mats should be a standard part of every car, not every new car comes with floor mats, and, the cars that do come with them, the floor mats are not very effective. This includes many cheaper floor mats that are readily available at automobile supply and retail stores.

New car floor mats can keep the interior of your car looking clean, while dirty floor mats have the opposite effect, or worse, they can be the cause of foul and musty smell inside your car that is difficult at best to remove. As time passes, and with much use, even high quality car floor mats will need to be cleaned and eventually replaced.

When to Replace Your Car Floor Mats

Eventually, you will need to replace your car’s floor mats. There are a few signs you can check to see if your car floor mats need to be replaced, here are a few examples:

Your car floor mats freely move around – when the bottom of car floor mats wear down, there is no more traction to prevent them from moving freely beneath your feet, which can be dangerous because it could impede your ability to apply the brakes, or cause you to unintentionally accelerate or interfere with the clutch. If this is the case, you should definitely replace your old car floor mats, or at least remove them until you can get new ones.

Your car floor mats have holes – car floor mats that are torn or have holes in them need to be replaced as they are no longer able to effectively protect your car’s flooring. When dirt, debris, water, or food fall on them, these will go straight to your car’s flooring.

Foul and musty smell inside your car – when water, liquids, and food fall on car floor mats, if not cleaned regularly, mildew and mold will start to grow in them. When mold and mild takes root in your car floor mats, not only will a foul and musty smell develop inside your car, but mold and mildew could eventually transfer to your car’s flooring.

Replacing your car floor mats when they become worn or start to smell is far cheaper than having to replace your car’s flooring. Thankfully, you can find quality car floor mats here, at All Car Carpets.