General Moulded Vinyl Flooring: Purposes and Benefits for Work and Other Types of Vehicles

Even though moulded carpet provides a luxurious look to any vehicle, there are those times when you should opt for general moulded vinyl flooring for yours in place of it. We state this since carpet is a bit difficult to clean if you work or drive in areas where you are going to be tracking dirt and debris in each time that you enter the vehicle. This holds true especially for work vans and cars along with 4x4s, personal cars, family vans, and certain types of trucks. Refer to the following purposes and benefits of this type of flooring to learn additional facts about it.

Uses for General Moulded Vinyl Flooring

This type of vehicle flooring is ideal for work vehicles since you may be tracking dirt, dust, oil or grease, and/or construction debris into your work car, van or truck. Other vehicles that may suffer dirty foot traffic include 4x4s, family vans and utes.

Moulded Vinyl Flooring Is Durable

Due to the fact that this vinyl flooring is made from quality PVC, it is extremely durable and will not absorb moisture. As a result, it will stand up to years of wear from normal daily use without tearing, prematurely aging or wearing out before its intended lifespan.

Little Maintenance Is Necessary for Moulded Vinyl to Retain Its Optimum Condition

While moulded carpeting requires vacuuming and shampooing, both of which can be labour intensive depending upon the size of your vehicle, there are some stains that will still persist in carpet. On the other hand, moulded vinyl flooring just needs a quick sweep and mop to stay clean and in an optimal condition. You can also treat it with the appropriate vinyl treatment when you want to protect it and make it have an attractive sheen.

General Moulded Vinyl Flooring Comes in an Assortment of Colours

Another benefit of this type of flooring is the fact that it comes in various different colours. It is easy for you to select the shade that will complement your vehicle décor in the ideal fashion.

Moulded Vinyl Flooring Fits Your Vehicle to Perfection

Since this flooring is custom made according to your vehicle’s measurements, it fits into the vehicle in an accurate manner without any unsightly gaps. Also, it is installed in such a way that it will stay in place at all times, unlike the temporary mats that drivers install to protect their vehicle’s flooring.

For further information about general moulded vinyl flooring’s purposes and benefits, consult with All Car Carpets. We specialise in developing, fitting and installing this type of vehicle flooring for certain trucks, and for most 4x4s, work vans, and family cars and vans. In addition, we have expertise in moulded vehicle carpeting, floor mats and soundproofing.