How to Check if Your Car Mats and Flooring Needs Replacement

Over time, and with much use, the average driver’s car mats and flooring will begin to show signs of wear and will eventually need to be replaced. Car mats and flooring are constantly under pressure, not only from the heels of drivers, but from passengers too.

Getting into and out of the vehicle also puts wear on car mats and flooring, and when dirt, food, or liquids get spilled on them it accelerates the degradation of their lifespan and usefulness. It’s true, some car mats and flooring take more beating than others. However, the question is how much can car mats and flooring take before they should be replaced?

How to Check if Your Car Mats and Flooring Need Replacing

If your car mats and flooring have seen better days, but you still aren’t sure if they need to be replaced yet, or not, then you will find the information here helpful. Basically, there are some obvious tell-tale signs that you can look out for that will determine if your car mats and flooring need to be replaced, here are a few examples:

Impedes the operation of your vehicle – if your car mats or flooring slips around, or impedes your ability to brake, or interferes with the clutch or acceleration pedals in any way, then absolutely, for safety’s sake, you need to replace your car mats and flooring as soon as possible!

Freely moves around – when car mats and flooring freely move or slips around it can cause a safety hazard on the driver’s side, but it also means that the retention system is compromised and is not holding ‘everything’ together. This can also cause the undercarpet to be exposed and become damaged, which can cause a host of additional problems, such as the development of mold.

Worn out and holes present – obviously, if your car flooring or mats are worn out – the heel pad is lifting and holes can visibly be seen – then it is time to replace them.

Foul and musty smells you can’t remove – when your car’s interior develops foul odours that originate from car mats and flooring, and no matter how many times you clean and shampoo them the smell comes back, then take that as a definite sign these need to be replaced.

If the signs are clear, it is time to replace you old car mats and flooring, then it is recommended to have new custom molded car flooring and mats made and installed by professionals at All Car Carpets.