How to Choose from Different Seat Cover Options for Commercial / Passenger Vehicles

Seat covers have come a long way in design and construction over the last two decades. In the past, automotive seat covers were just generic loose-fitting covers that slid over an entire seat. Typically, with only two sizes to choose from, along with a very limited selection of colours, were the only automotive seat cover options available at the time. 

Today, computer programs and production design methods can produce high-quality automotive seat covers that can be custom-made and tailored to fit literally any size car or truck seat. In fact, modern seat covers can be made to fit so perfectly that passengers will not even notice that they are add-ons and not original seat upholstery. 

There are now different seat cover options for commercial and passenger vehicles that most people are not aware about. Understanding these can definitely help in making sure that you choose the best seat cover options available for your commercial or passenger vehicle. 

How to Choose the Best Seat Cover Options for Commercial or Passenger Vehicles 

Why should you choose to use seat covers for your commercial or passenger vehicle? The main reason would be to protect the pristine condition of your vehicle’s seats, to preserve the resale value of your car or truck. Modern seat covers are very effective at doing just that, if the right seat cover options are chosen. 

Without any protection, even if maintained meticulously, vehicle seating will become worn with use and damaged over time from rips, scratches, and stains. The solution to this dilemma is simple – modern automotive seat covers. Vehicle seat covers are a good investment, and choosing the option that is best for you and your vehicle is important, mainly, the type of material that meets your specific needs. 

Here are some of the materials available, which you can choose to use in combination for your custom-made vehicle seat covers: 

PVC – is used to add extra support to vehicle seat covers. 

Cotton canvas – quality canvas is effective at protecting your original seats; this provides extra comfort for long drives, perfect for commercial delivery vehicles. 

Polyester backing – this is an advised option for people who drive a lot because it adds an extra layer of comfort to cotton canvas seat covers. 

Heavy duty Jacquard – this can be used to add style to your vehicle, as the fabric can have intricate variegated patterns created on it. 

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