How to Clean and Keep Your Car Floor Mats Looking Like New

One part of your car’s interior that is exposed to elements is your floor mat. As you and other people enter the vehicle, your shoes can bring in particles and mud from outside, which can make the floor dirty. Tiny bits of food and spills from drinks as well as loose debris from bags and boxes can also make the floor area dirty. Without removing these elements regularly, your car floor mats may be filled with elements that would not only generate a dirty appearance but can also deteriorate the quality of these parts. 

To keep your car floor mats clean and look brand new all the time, here are some cleaning procedures that you can consider and follow for your own good.

Rubber Car Floor Mats

One great thing about rubber car floor mats is that they can easily prevent moisture from damaging other parts of your car’s interior. While they can collect dust, dust, and other particles over time, they can still be cleaned easily compared to other materials.

When cleaning your rubber car floor mats, you must remove them first from your car since they will be washed and cleaned with chemicals. Once they are removed, you must hit the rubber car floor mats against the ground or other hard surfaces. Doing this can eradicate debris and particles that are present on the car floor mats. Any elements that are sticking to their surfaces can be removed through a scraper.

As the particles are removed, you must now utilise a pressurised water hose to remove loose dirt, crumbs, and other particles that are difficult to scrape off. It is important that you should only spray water towards the exposed side of the mats. After spraying with pressurised water, you must now wash the exposed side of the mats with a soap solution, hand sanitiser, or baking soda. After all the dirty particles and elements are removed, you must now rinse off the cleaning solution and let the mats dry.

Cloth Car Floor Mats

Cloth car floor mats are also a great addition to the vehicles. However, their cleaning methods require extra work compared to the rubber ones. 

First, you must remove the cloth car floor mats from your car. And then, you must vacuum both sides of the mats to remove all dirt, grime, and particles. To further remove any stains and unpleasant odours, you must subsequently apply and rub the baking soda into their surfaces. 

Once the baking soda cleaning is done, you must now take your time cleaning the floor mats with a cleaning solution. Your solution must have two tablespoons of washing powder and two tablespoons of regular shampoo. Spray cleaning, steam cleaning, and power washing can also be utilised in removing all dirty elements on the floor mats. Afterwards, you must vacuum them again before letting them dry.

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