How to Disinfect Your Car Interiors (Seat Covers, Floor Mats and Dash Mats) to Prevent the Spread of Corona Virus

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, surfaces and objects that are frequently touched must be cleaned and disinfected. One area that must always be disinfected is your car interiors. Even without the pandemic, the cleaning and disinfection of car interiors must be done all the time to prevent the spread of any kind of disease. Doing these activities can also help improve air quality, decreases the chance of triggering allergies among passengers, remove foul odours, prevent mould growth, and add comfort.

Some key areas that you must clean and disinfect within your car are your seat covers, floor mats, and dash mats. For a safer and coronavirus-free environment, here are some important things to remember when disinfecting your car interiors.

Prioritise Your Own Safety

One crucial step that must always be followed when disinfecting car interiors is to prepare and protect yourself from different elements. Before you clean and disinfect your car, you must wash your hands first with soap for 20 seconds. Afterward, you must wear protective gloves to prevent contact with the surface of your car. Wearing of protective face masks is also recommended since you will be dealing with dirt and dust. Inhaling the coronavirus and other microbes will be prevented when you wear a face mask.

Remove Car Components

Once you are fully protected, you must now enter the car and keep all the windows and doors open. Then, remove car interior components like seat covers, floor mats, and dash mats since they will be cleaned separately. Removing these components allows you to sweep out all debris that is located inside the car. Vacuuming the whole car interior must also be done once the mentioned components are removed. Any dirt, grime, or mould must be removed through a stiff brush.

Disinfect Covers and Mats

Any microbes can easily attach to the surface of seat covers, floor mats, and dash mats, which makes them one of the main sources of coronavirus contamination. To disinfect them, you may want to use a compatible detergent or disinfectant since they can easily eliminate any microbes. Bleach products can be used as well. However, some bleach products can damage the surface of the seat covers and mats.

In a huge bowl or container, you must fill it up with hot water and a recommended amount of a compatible disinfecting agent. Soak your seat covers, floor mats, and dash mats in this bowl or container and leave them for at least half an hour.

Tidy Up the Car Interiors

While waiting for your seat covers and mats, you must now clean the rest of your car interiors with a suitable cleaning agent and an adequate amount of water. Make sure that you follow the cleaning instructions of certain car interior parts to avoid damaging them. When cleaning your car seats, plastic panels, door handles, armrests, you must not use too much water since it can promote mould growth and foul odours. Additionally, you must sponge down the centre console, dashboard, and other interior components with a sanitiser. Let all these car parts dry thoroughly before cutting the ventilation of your car interiors.

Once your seat covers, floor mats, and dash mats are dried up, you can now return them to your car and wrap up all the cleaning tools and agents that you have used. Make sure to throw off your gloves and masks to avoid the transfer of microbes from the car to others. Wash your hands and change clothing after the whole cleaning process to make sure you are free from any viruses. If you have more questions about these steps and processes, just give us a call at All Car Carpets.