Keep Your Car Interior Clean and Looking New by Adding Customised Carpet Moulded Flooring

Keeping your car interiors clean can be challenging, especially if you are always outside. Once you enter your car, all the dirt and other particles from the outside may get to your car flooring as your shoes step on it. There are also instances where you or your kids accidentally spill your drinks and food on the floor, which can be frustrating if you do not have enough time cleaning up the mess.

Luckily, car manufacturers utilise car flooring with materials that can be cleaned and vacuumed easily. However, if you want to significantly enhance the appearance and even protect your stock car flooring, then you may want to add some customised carpet moulded flooring on top of it.

Manufacturing Customised Carpet Moulded Flooring

In creating a customised carpet moulded flooring, the manufacturer would usually utilise some parts of your car. They would usually take some fibreglass moulds out of the floor pan of your car and then use them in fitting in the carpet moulded flooring. The carpet is crafted by a heating process and subsequently backed with polyethylene plastic for added protection.

For the carpet moulded flooring to last for a long time, the manufacturer would stitch in a heel mat on the driver’s side to prevent wear and tear. Ultimately, the whole customised carpet moulded flooring will be perfectly fitted on the car floor that can not only protect it from damages but also enhance the overall look of your car interior.

Benefits of Customised Carpet Moulded Flooring

The installation of customised carpet moulded flooring brings a lot of great things on the table. For one, it can easily fit and fill in your entire car flooring. Custom moulded flooring can easily cover the firewall to the area of your front seats. It can also extend from the ending point of the front section to the rear of the cabin area. The great coverage of this flooring helps minimise the chances of dirt and other substances from infiltrating the deeper portion of your floor.

Additionally, customised carpet moulded flooring helps you customise your car in different ways. Having your flooring customised provides you a perfect opportunity to choose from a wide range of styles and colours. You may want to choose a classic loop pile where your interior may look like a vintage car from the ’60s and ’70s. If you want to make your car always look brand new, then the loop pile style is perfect for you. Other styles available are plush pile and moulded vinyl.

Another benefit of customised carpet moulded flooring is its durability. As mentioned, your customised carpet moulded flooring is crafted out of processes that would make it long-lasting. Even with a long time of repetitive use, you are guaranteed to have a flooring that can last you for a very long time. It will also stay in place all the time since the heel mat is sewn into place during the installation process. Readjustment or recalibration of your flooring will be significantly minimised.

All Car Carpets Can Keep Your Car Clean and New

Your car interior will be forever clean and new when you install customised carpet moulded flooring with us at All Car Carpets. Every product we manufacture, we make them with care and precision not only to ensure our products are of the highest standard but also to make your car looks great. We also make sure that your car is protected from wear and tear on the inside.

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