Loop Pile vs. Cut Pile: Pros and Cons to Consider for Your Car Flooring

Car flooring is an essential part of your automobile. Its usage goes beyond being just an accessory to increase the aesthetic value of your car. These flooring are necessary to protect your car from outside dirt and grime. They absorb water from your feet therefore keeping your car clean and well-maintained. However, various designs and styles have made the task of selecting the perfect car flooring much more difficult. Lucky for you, we have narrowed down those options for you. Below are the features of a loop and cut pile, and how they would be appropriated to your car flooring needs and preferences.

Durability = Loop Pile

Loop pile car flooring is considered to be generally more durable than that of a cut pile. This is greatly explained by their structure. Loop pile car flooring, as the name suggests, is composed of loops. This loop design reduces the tendency for fibres to fray or reveal marks from consistent use.

This is in stark contrast with that of cut pile car flooring. Cut pile car flooring is styled in a way that is sheared. It visually exposes the ends of the carpet fibre as its design. This design is less resistant to fraying and damage over time. Cut pile car flooring might also show footsteps and other impressions easily.

Softness = Cut Pile

Cut pile car flooring is extremely soft underfoot which in return offers a luxurious feel and look. It is softer to touch, thus promoting comfort and relaxation that most other carpets cannot compete with. Loop pile carpet flooring, however, is significantly not as soft as a cut pile due to its increased thickness and durability.

Easier to Clean = Cut Pile

The fibres of cut pile car flooring are easier to clean with a vacuum because dirt and dust cannot get caught and remain trapped in hidden areas. Unlike loop pile car flooring with tightly looped fabrics that can be difficult to clean in its entirety. Aside from being hard to clean, it is easier for dirt and dust to get caught inside the loops.

Safety = Loop Pile

Car flooring also functions as a platform that reduces the tendency for people to slip inside the vehicle. In this regard, loop pile car flooring might be your best bet. Loop pile car flooring offers more traction than most other carpets. As such, loop pile is used to avoid slippery car flooring, thus reducing the chances of accidents.

For more information to consider in choosing either loop or cut pile car flooring, contact us at All Car Carpets. We manufacture all car flooring with care and precision to not only ensure our products are of the highest standard but also so your car looks great. We can also protect your car from dirt, sand and grime with our customisable services.