Making Floor Carpeting as Part of Your Car Detailing

There are both new and old car owners that are unfamiliar with what car detailing entails, as there are many aspects to detailing a car. However, the main reason for car detailing is to preserve and maintain the function and value of vehicles.

For example, complete car detailing entails much more than just giving your car some extra shine on the outside, but it should also focus on the interior of your vehicle too. Basically, effective car detailing should make your car look as clean and as new as possible.

Because car detailing is meant to make your car as clean as possible, most steps in the process are geared towards cleaning every inch of your vehicle, both exterior surfaces and interior spaces.

Exterior car detailing typically includes:

  • Washing and drying – Exterior detailing can include using high-powered washing to remove dirt, grime and grease, and is followed by a thorough hand washing with soap, followed by drying to remove water marks and soap scum.
  • Polish – polishing gives your car shine by restoring its original paint coating.
  • Seal – The final stage of exterior car detailing includes the application of sealant, this gives your car a glossy shine, detailers will often apply wax to the surface.Interior car detailing typically includes:
  • Vacuuming – vacuuming car carpets is the first step of interior detailing, as floor carpets are the place where most dirt, dust, odours, and stains accumulate.
  • Brushing and shampooing – most of the interior detailing work involves brushing and shampooing floor mats, carpet, and upholstery, with the goal of removing any stains and blemishes that were left after regular brushing and shampooing.
  • Deodorizing – the finishing touch of interior detailing includes deodorizing of your car to make sure that it has a pleasing odour.Your Car Detailing Should Include New Floor Carpeting

When people take their cars in for detailing, it is common that the condition of the floor carpet is in bad shape. Even when floor mats are used, car carpet can develop permanent stains and odours that just can’t be removed, and carpet needs to be replaced. Not to mention that normal wear and tear can also be a reason to replace your car carpet.

If you want the inside of your car to look like new again, then consider tailor made floor mats and new molded car carpet made by All Car Carpets. Installing custom moulded carpet, to replace your old car floor carpet, should be part of your car detailing because it will make the inside of your car look like new, and, it will also increase your vehicle’s resale value.