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Install Extra Cooling Solutions to Your Car Using Dash mats

Dash mats are one of the interior car accessories that are truly a must-have item for any car in Australia. Since the dashboard is often exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, it commonly experiences fading, staining and cracking as a result. This not only affects the aesthetic appeal of your interior, but also the resale value of your truck. Luckily, you can install extra cooling solutions to your car using dash mats.

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Loop Pile vs. Cut Pile: Pros and Cons to Consider for Your Car Flooring

Car flooring is an essential part of your automobile. Its usage goes beyond being just an accessory to increase the aesthetic value of your car. These flooring are necessary to protect your car from outside dirt and grime. They absorb water from your feet therefore keeping your car clean and well-maintained. However, various designs and styles have made the task of selecting the perfect car flooring much more difficult. Lucky for you, we have narrowed down those options for you. Below are the features of a loop and cut pile, and how they would be appropriated to your car flooring needs and preferences.

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