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The Importance of Customised Moulded Car Flooring for Car Enthusiasts and Restorers

Car enthusiasts want to preserve and maintain their cars in great, solid condition. Therefore, they opt to choose the best parts and materials possible so that their possessions do not deteriorate and get damaged easily. They also do this to retain the overall value of the car as much as possible.

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How to Disinfect Your Car Interiors (Seat Covers, Floor Mats and Dash Mats) to Prevent the Spread of Corona Virus

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, surfaces and objects that are frequently touched must be cleaned and disinfected. One area that must always be disinfected is your car interiors. Even without the pandemic, the cleaning and disinfection of car interiors must be done all the time to prevent the spread of any kind of disease. Doing these activities can also help improve air quality, decreases the chance of triggering allergies among passengers, remove foul odours, prevent mould growth, and add comfort.

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