Reasons Why Your Car Underlay Should Be Both Waterproof and Soundproof

It is carpet underlay that is one of the most important parts of your vehicle’s interior, as it is meant to provide a layer of protection against water and unwanted sound. Unfortunately, car builders typically only provide a very thin layer of protection between the steel flooring and carpet in their vehicles.

Because car builders typical provide only a simple, single layer of standard felt to waterproof carpet underlay and to act as an acoustic installation barrier, these are often not enough to effectively meet the needs of car owners, especially for people who like to travel off-road or for vehicles that are constantly exposed to wet environments.

Also, for trucks and four wheel drive vehicles, it is not uncommon for annoying engine noise to reach into the cabin area, which is frequently the case with older vehicles. For these reasons, waterproofing and soundproofing underlay services are very popular today.

Reasons Why You Should Waterproof and Soundproof Your Car Underlay

Because standard, stock carpet underlay for new vehicles is just not enough to meet the needs of many vehicle owners, waterproof and soundproof underlay services are available that can add an effective layer of protection between your vehicle’s steel flooring and carpet. Below are some of the reasons why you should waterproof and soundproof your car underlay.

Benefits of Waterproof and Soundproof Underlay

Protects and extends the life of your carpet – standard, stock underlay provided by car makers are commonly the bare minimal needed to keep water out. That is why waterproofing underlay services are so vital because it can make sure that your carpet is better protected, by installing high-quality underlay that can prevent water from penetrating into the interior of your vehicle.

Prevents mold and mildew from developing inside your vehicle – quality carpet underlay will not stay damp, rot, smell, or attract mildew and mould like some low-quality stock underlay. In this regards, waterproofing the underlay of off-road vehicles, caravans, buses, trailers and boat is very important.

Superior noise reduction – when compared to standard felt underlay, custom-made butyl core soundproof and waterproof underlay provides a superior acoustic barrier between the steel floor and carpet of vehicles. Soundproofing is ideal for off-road vehicles with diesel engines and large tyres, as they can be very noisy.

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