Restore Your Vintage Car's Floor Carpet with Classic Loop Pile Carpet

There is an undeniable charm to vintage cars that not many modern vehicles can imitate. Not only do they combine the best of functionality and elegance, many vintage vehicles are renowned for their durability and long-lasting serviceability. There is also the added bonus of its inherent charm and its strong ties with sentimentalist pop-culture. It’s no wonder why more and more people are going back to driving vintage vehicles, if only for these reasons alone. 

If you own a vintage car, or are contemplating on getting one restored, then you may have often wondered what sort of flooring type would best be suited to your vehicle. If you want to be ‘period accurate’ about your decision, then loop pile carpets are an excellent choice for your vintage car interior. 

Not only are loop pile carpets prime material for accuracy, but this type of carpet also provide a bevy of other advantages that will help elevate your vintage car from ‘old jalopy’ to ‘timeless beauty’ in no time at all! Here are just some of the many advantages a loop pile carpet will bestow on your vintage car:

• Thickness – loop pile carpets are thick, making them ideal for flooring that receives high-traffic. This is why they are well-suited for use as vehicle flooring that experiences regular friction. The thickness of the carpet likewise provides further advantages, such greater durability.

• Durability – loop pile carpets are surprisingly durable, and are capable of withstanding even the most rigorous of abuse, from even the hardiest of footwear. This makes loop pile carpet ideal for heavy-duty applications and makes it a low-maintenance choice of flooring. 

• Insulation – due to its thickness, loop pile carpets also function as an excellent retainer of heat and an overall insulator, which will help your vintage car to better retain heat during wintertime, and keep in cool air during the summer.

• Affordable – loop pile carpets are also affordable car flooring. In fact, there are even low-priced loop pile carpets that are just as good, if not better, than high-priced pile carpets. This is due to the fact that most of the fibres used to make loop pile carpet are made out of are modern synthetics, and due to its hardy construction, it can be easily mass-produced.

If you want to restore your vintage car’s floor carpet with classic lope pile carpet, you can, here at All Car Carpets – we specialise in car floor coverings to suit a wide range of cars and trucks.