Soundproof Underlay for Cars: What are the Benefits?

The automotive industry is very competitive, and car manufacturers do put major resources into every aspect of car designs to guarantee the success of their vehicles. Although, one of the areas that do not get much attention is the quality of soundproof underlay for cars. 

Speciality vehicles and heavy equipment do come with enough soundproof underlays because of safety, as it helps to protect the operator from continuous loud noises. Unfortunately, cars and SUVs do not come stock with quality soundproof underlay. This is why many vehicle owners opt to have custom soundproof underlay for cars installed. 

The Importance and Benefits of Soundproof Underlay for Cars 

Quality soundproof underlay for passenger vehicles is truly a necessity, as it should adequately lessen and prevent engine and outside road noise from entering the vehicle’s cabin. When engine and road noise can be heard inside a car’s interior, it can be distracting, to say the least, and degrades the driving experience by making passengers and driver uncomfortable. What is the solution? Installing quality custom soundproof underlay for cars. 

Not only should your vehicle have quality soundproofing for the carpet underlay, but it should also be waterproof as well. In fact, most people are unaware that quality carpet underlay is very important for their vehicles, not only to block-out unwanted engine and road noise, but to also protect the interior of cars from water and moisture. 

Car manufactures typically only provide the minimal amount of carpet underlay to stock model vehicles, usually just a single layer as an acoustic barrier with a poor waterproofing rating. For people who regularly need to drive their vehicles off paved roads in wet environments, this is not a sufficient amount of protection to meet their needs. 

Quality soundproof and waterproof underlay for cars can not only keep out unwanted engine and road noise, but it can protect your vehicle’s carpet from mold, mildew, and unwanted musty smells caused by water reaching between the car’s steel flooring and carpet. 

Installing waterproof and soundproof underlay for your car is a great investment, as it will prevent the development of mold and mildew by stopping water from penetrating into your vehicle’s interior. And, it will increase your comfort and driving experience by greatly reducing or eliminating engine noise and outside road noise. 

To install waterproof and soundproof underlay for cars, contact All Car Carpets today. We specialise in car floor coverings and carpet underlays, as well as custom dash mats and seat covers.