Summer is Almost Here! Protect Your Dashboard from Heat with High Quality Dash Mats

As the summer season approaches very soon, car owners should now prepare their vehicles when it comes to damaging exposure to elements. And since the coming days can get really hot, their vehicles can easily acquire too much heat once they are exposed to direct sunlight. Parking the car outside would allow the heat quickly to enter and infiltrate its unprotected surfaces such as dashboards and car seats, which can cause much more problems than what they have anticipated.

Effects of Heat on Dashboards

If there is one part of the car that is often exposed to sunlight, that would be your dashboard. Situated directly ahead of the driver, your dashboard is responsible for displaying instrumentation and controls for the operation of your car. The above surface of your dashboard can easily take in the effects of sunlight exposure and subsequently react based on the primary structure of its material and other factors.

With prolonged exposure to the sunlight, your dashboard and surrounding car parts can easily obtain the effects of ultraviolet rays. While the materials used for these parts are intended to last for a long time, the presence of extreme heat can cause drastic effects to them. High temperature can easily ruin and deteriorate the upholstery and appearance of your dashboard. It can even create some cracks and defects on the dashboard as the sun continues to shine directly over its exposed area. 

Benefits of Quality Dash Mats

Fortunately, there are multiple ways that you can do to protect your dashboard from obtaining wear and damages. Installing a windshield protector can help protect your dashboard and steering wheel from acquiring too much heat. Alternatively, you can purchase and install high-quality dash mat over your dashboard to prevent heat and sun rays from damaging its surface.

The use of high-quality dash mats does not only protect the dashboard from sunlight and heat, but they also help provide more benefits to the car owners. Dash mats can reduce glare, which is a problem for some car owners who are driving during the daytime. These accessories can also block dirt, dust, and scratches that can accumulate over time. The consumption of energy is also reduced significantly since dash mats can reduce the overall in-car temperature. And as for the resale value, cars with dash mats are known to possess higher value than those that are not protected with similar accessories.

Dash Mats from All Car Carpets

To acquire your own dash mats for your dashboard, feel free to contact us at All Car Carpets. Our dash mats are designed and tested using the latest technologies, ensuring that they can withstand the toughest Aussie sun. All the materials we use in producing our dash mats are durable and customisable, which allows us to shape and contour them according to the specifications of your car dashboard. 

Additionally, all models of our dash mats come with custom venting to prevent your demister from being blocked. We also ensure that all airbags are not disrupted in case of an accident. Our dash mats have the added bonus of keeping your car's interior cooler on hot days, ensuring your air conditioning does not have to work as hard to beat the heat.