The Differences between Rubber and Carpet Floor Mats for Cars

Many car owners have been customising the floor mats of their cars. Whatever their preference is, they certainly know that floor mats bring a lot of benefits for them. For one, floor mats are designed to protect the car floor from obtaining dirt, spills, shoeprints, mud, snow, and many more. Others would also buy these mats just to add some flair to their cars.

In the car industry, car parts and accessories are being produced with varying elements such as build quality and material. With car mats, there are two known materials that car owners choose from – rubber and carpet. These two types of car mats possess distinct qualities that make car owners have a hard time in choosing the best for them.

Fortunately, some elements make rubber floor mats different from carpet floor mats and vice versa. 

Physical Appearance

Discussions about the physical appearance of floor mats may be subjective and will certainly differ from one car owner to another. However, most private car owners would prefer to buy carpet floor mats. These mats offer a wide variety of designs that can match and blend in with the current design elements of most cars. Truck owners, on the other hand, would pick rubber floor mats as it is more suitable to the trucks’ interior. Moreover, rubber floor mats do not offer design enhancements when compared to carpet floor mats since they only come in limited colours.  


When it comes to durability, rubber floor mats would normally crush the carpet floor mats. Rubber floor mats are known to withstand environments with a high level of dirt and harsh climate because of their robust build quality. They won’t even get damaged easily by spills and other damaging elements. But the improvements in manufacturing carpet floor mats have made them stronger than the ones produced before. Now, carpet floor mats can also protect your car floor from various weather conditions and extreme temperatures. 


As mentioned, both floor mats can protect the car floor from any debris, dirt, dust, stain, and others. While rubber floor mats can block all kinds of dirt, they also have their own limitations. They cannot cover all sides of your car floor, which only means that some dirt can get on the corners of the car. Conversely, carpet floor mats have soft quality build that can be customised to cover the whole flooring of your car. 


What made rubber floor mats likeable by some owners is that they can be cleaned easily. Usually, car owners who are living on areas where dirt is apparent will definitely pick rubber floor mats for easy maintenance. Dirt, dust, mud, and other dirty elements on rubber floor mats are easily wiped off through rinsing. On the other hand, car owners who have carpet floor mats will find it difficult to remove stains and other related elements. Rinsing carpet floor mats may be an option, but it will take a long time before you can use it again. Using a vacuum cleaner can remove dust and dirt, but removing spills and mud can be difficult. The case may be different if you are using specialised carpet floor mats, but that would normally cost you more money.

Choosing between the two mat options can be difficult. Luckily, we at All Car Carpets can further explain the differences between these two. So, contact us now to know more about car mat options.