Tips on Choosing the Right Floor Mat for Cars

Floor mats are essential in every vehicle since they protect our flooring against any type of spills, dirt, dust, mud, and other related elements. They also provide us better footing whenever we are driving on the road. 

But just like other car products, floor mats are prone to damage as they are heavily exposed to dirt, dust, and other elements. Fortunately, damaging your floor mats can be lessened by choosing the best material for your floor mat. Finding the best floor mat for your vehicle is an easy task. What you must do is to determine some specific factors that can help you choose the best floor mat for your car.


Carpet floor mats are tufted and are made from tough nylon, polypropylene, and other synthetic fibres. Carpet floor mats also possess anti-slip rubber backing to safely secure them in their positions. 

The good thing about carpet floor mats is that they can be customised according to your liking. They offer vehicle owners a lot of options when it comes to style and design. This customisability is then justified by its wide range of market prices. The only drawback of using carpet floor mats is their accumulation of dirt over time. The accumulation of dirt is possible since the design language of these floor mats can readily collect dirty elements. This tendency would wear floor mats out faster than other causes.

Carpet floor mats are best for vehicles that aren’t used frequently. If your interiors are always clean, then carpet floor mats are suitable for your vehicle. Moreover, those who are into aesthetics would benefit the most with carpet floor mats. 


Rubber floor mats are made from strong and heavy-duty rubber. One advantage of rubber floor mats over other types of floor mats is that they are easy to clean and maintain. They are also tough and durable thanks to the strong properties of rubber. Moreover, rubber floor mats have a lot of deep grooves or wells on their surface that make them weather- and water-proof.

Alternatively, rubber floor mats have limited design and colour options that may not blend well with the interior of your vehicle. And even if they are weather- and water-proof, rubber floor mats are not safe to extreme heat. Exposing them under the sun for a long time will create tiny cracks and fissures on their surface. Some of rubber floor mats can also get slippery when wet. 

Rubber floor mats are recommended for vehicles that are always used on outdoor treks. If you have passengers that are prone to spilling and throwing things, then rubber floor mats are also for you.


Vinyl floor mats are composed of synthetic plastic. Vinyl floor mats have a wide range of designs, colours, and styles available for vehicle owners. They are also resistant to chemicals and moisture absorption. Overall, vinyl floor mats can be a great alternative to rubber as they are cheaper than the latter. 

Just like any material, vinyl also has its own set of weaknesses. Floor mats made up of vinyl are less durable compared to their rubber counterpart. They are also prone to cracking, curling, and warping, most especially if they are exposed to extreme heat or coldness.

Choose vinyl floor mats if you want to obtain the toughness of rubber and the cheap price of carpet. You must, however, prevent your vinyl floor mats from being exposed to extreme temperatures to avoid any damages. 

All properties of carpet, rubber, and vinyl are discussed so that you have the chance to pick on your own. But if you still find it difficult to choose one, we at All Car Carpets can help you. We have adequate knowledge about the internal car covering different types of cars.