Wear and Tear Signs that Show When Your Car Floor Carpet Needs Replacement

The condition of your car floor carpet will determine the look and feel of your vehicle’s interior. This is why maintaining and protecting your car’s carpet using floor mats is so important. Even when car floor mats are used, it is just a matter of time before carpets wear down and need to be replaced.

If you aren’t sure if your car floor carpet needs replacement, then here are some wear and tear signs to look out for:

Unpleasant odours – lingering odours from old carpet can come from many sources. For those who carry pets in their car, or from food and drinks, these can cause deep penetrated smells to remain and linger on carpet fibres and even reach down to the subfloor, resulting in mold and mildew growth. Such unpleasant odours can be nearly impossible to remove, even after deep carpet cleaning. In such cases, car carpet needs to be replaced.

Permanent stains – when your car floor carpet is professionally cleaned, no stains should remain. It should look brand new. If stains cannot be removed, it is because they have penetrated deeper than the carpet, down to the padding. If stains are in multiple places then you should seriously consider replacing your car floor carpet to prevent health hazards from eventual mold and mildew growth.

Normal wear and tear – the most obvious sign that you need to replace your car floor carpet is natural wear and tear. Wear and tear can be caused prematurely when car floor mats are not used. When car floor carpet does not feel plush, and professional carpet cleaning doesn’t rejuvenate it, then replacing it remains the best option to restore the look and feel of your vehicle’s interior.

To best prevent unpleasant odours, permanent stains, and to limit wear and tear of your car floor carpet, it is recommended to use car floor mats and to have your vehicle’s carpet maintained and cleaned regularly. Cleaning your car floor carpet every few months will remove any dust, dirt, and food that will cause wear and tear, stains and bad odours from developing. Tailor made floor mats are essential for protecting and extending the life of your car floor carpet, and you can get these made from All Car Carpets.

At All Car Carpets, you can get custom moulded carpet to replace your old car floor carpet, and they can tailor make floor mats to suit your car’s floor plan to better protect your new car floor carpet.