What are Loop Pile Carpets?

If you are unfamiliar with the types of carpets available, don’t worry, you are not alone. There are basically two main types – cut pile and loop pile carpets. While there are many fancy names for carpets, they are basically all just subcategories of the two main types. Although, the fancy names do give a hint as to how carpets are constructed, either cut or looped, with variations in the height of the fibres and the twists used.

With this in mind, it is better to be able to understand what are loop pile carpets?

Loop Pile Carpets Explained

If you have encountered the term loop pile carpets, and you aren’t sure what they are, then understanding that there are basically two main types of carpets will help explain the difference between them, loop pile carpets and cut pile carpets. To appreciate the difference between them, it is best to understand a little about the history and manufacturing of carpet.

Basically, ‘pile’ means the carpet fibres, and when manufacturing carpets, the pile is then woven through the backing of the carpet. When the fibres are woven in and out of carpet backing, it creates many loops with each pass of the needles. If left in this condition, it is known as loop pile carpet, with many variations available that include the length of the loops, the texture of the fibres, special loop styles, or multilevel loop designs.

Cut pile carpet is when the loops are cut open in the manufacturing process, as the name implies ‘cut’ pile carpet. This type of carpet doesn’t have loops, and instead consists of straight fibre hairs, which can be of different lengths, textures, or multi-leveled. This carpet type is good to use if people have kids or animals, but it is not as durable as loop pile carpet.

Level loop pile carpet is one of the most common types because it is multi-purposeful and durable, and, it is perfect for use in commercial environments and even in automobiles. While loop pile carpets are durable, they do eventually wear down with use, this is common with carpet flooring in vehicles, and will need to be replaced.

Quality Carpets for Car Interiors

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