What Makes Moulded Vinyl Flooring Ideal for Trucks and SUVs?

If you spend a lot of time off-road, on construction sites, playing in the mud, or driving on farm land, then one thing you definitely need is moulded vinyl flooring for your truck or SUV. Heavy duty moulded vinyl flooring is ideal for working trucks and SUVs, and for all types of other off-road purposes. 

While most trucks and SUVs come stock with moulded carpet flooring to provide a luxurious look, carpet flooring is not recommended in working trucks and SUVs, or vehicles that spend much time off-road in the dirt and mud. This is why vehicle owners should replace stock carpet flooring with moulded vinyl flooring, since vehicle carpet is difficult to keep clean in trucks and SUVs that often venture off-road for either work or play. 

Benefits of Custom Moulded Vinyl Flooring for Trucks and SUVs 

Even though stock carpet flooring may be aesthetically appealing, it can be more hassle to maintain than it is worth in work vehicles or recreational trucks and SUVs, as dirt, sand, mud, oil, grease, and debris will be tracked in each time someone enters the vehicle. Compared to stock vehicle carpeting, there are many benefits of replacing them with moulded vinyl flooring. 

Benefits of moulded vinyl flooring for trucks and SUVs: 

Durability – moulded vinyl flooring is extremely durable and will not absorb moisture and develop undesirable musty smell like carpet flooring. It is tough enough to withstand daily use without tearing or staining and will last for years. 

Low to no maintenance – unlike vehicle carpeting that requires much maintenance to keep clean, moulded vinyl flooring requires nearly no maintenance at all. In fact, all it needs is a simple wiping down with a wet rag and soap to remove dirt, dust, grease, oil, and debris, while carpeting requires vacuuming and shampooing, which are labour intense chores. With a special vinyl treatment, you can protect your moulded vinyl flooring and give it an attractive sheen. 

Perfect fit – moulded vinyl flooring will perfectly fit your truck or SUV, since this flooring is custom-made to fit your vehicle’s measurements exactly, without any noticeable gaps or unsightly grooves. Also, because these are not temporary mats, vinyl flooring will stay in place at all times. 

Available in assorted colours – custom moulded vinyl flooring comes in assorted colours and shades to match the interior of your vehicle perfectly. 

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