Why Should You Install a Non-slip Floor Mat on Your Car?

Many car owners seem to skip the cleaning and maintenance of their car floor area, which is why they are typically surprised when notable issues on their cars suddenly pop up. 

Some issues that a lot of cars may attain due to failure of maintaining the floor area include the growth of mould and bacteria, foul odour, and the deterioration of car floor materials. Fortunately, a wide array of durable car floor mats can now be installed on cars. Coupled with regular cleaning and maintenance, most of these issues can be avoided and resolved in just a short time.

Car floor mats can be made from fabric, rubber, vinyl, and many more materials. These materials can certainly withstand a lot of damaging elements and make cleaning much easier. But one quality that the car floor mats should also possess is slip resistance. 

Importance of Slip Resistance

Slip resistance, generally, is the overall roughness of a surface with the very purpose of generating positive traction and reducing the chances of slipping or falling. For car floor mats, the existence of slip resistance on their materials can help them stay in position while driving, which is crucial to ensure that sudden unintended acceleration will be avoided. Car floor mats with great slip resistance can also help drivers with wet footwear to be able to operate their vehicle without any issues.

Identifying the coefficient of friction or COF of car floor mats is a must to ensure that they can hold on to the car floor area. Normally, a car floor mat with a COF of 0.5 is sufficient to offer proper slip resistance. But for better performance, car floor mats with a COF of more than 0.5 are much more recommended.

Acquiring Non-slip Floor Mats

The installation of non-slip floor mats on your car can easily provide you with a lot of benefits. 

For one, these types of floor mats can ensure that the operation of your car will be much safer and more convenient. Even with wet shoes, you do not have to worry about stepping the wrong pedal during the drive thanks to the non-slip floor mats, protecting you and others from fatal accidents. The addition of non-slip floor mats can also help in securing the footing of anyone who will enter or exit your car. Since floor mats can extend towards the passenger seats, then their safety can also be properly assured. Any instances of falling or slipping will be prevented with non-slip floor mats.

Another great thing about opting for non-slip floor mats is that they can prevent moisture from reaching the underneath car floor surface. As moisture is deterred from infiltrating your car floor surface, the development of mould and mildew can now likewise be avoided. 

And just like other floor mats, non-slip floor mats can also protect your underneath car floor surface from damaging outdoor elements. They can, ultimately, add style and enhance the appearance of your car.

Floor Mats at All Car Carpets

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