Your Guide to Choosing Your Commercial Car Seat Covers

Spilling your food or drinks on your car seat can be extremely stressful. Having no protection, the cleaning and maintenance of car seats can be costly. There are even instances where replacements are necessary to get rid of any foul odour, permanent stains, and irreversible damage on the car seat. 

Fortunately, car seat covers are now widely manufactured to protect car seats. From spills to muddy pet paws, car seat covers can certainly save you from spending a huge amount of money just for the maintenance or replacement of your car seat. Aside from protection, car seat covers can even enhance the look and design of your car interior. 

In buying car seat covers, there are two factors that you must consider carefully. The first factor to look out for is the material of your car seat cover. Another factor that you must take into consideration is the fit of your car seat cover.

Car Seat Cover Materials

Car seat covers are made with different materials so that car owners can have the option to choose depending on their lifestyle and purposes. Moreover, each car seat cover material possesses unique attributes, benefits, and drawbacks. 

  • Leather: One of the most costly materials for car seat covers is leather. Leather car seat covers provide comfort, elegance, and luxurious feel to the passengers of the car. They are also easy to clean and maintain since spills and dirt can be wiped off right away. Most importantly, they are durable, which makes them resistant to wear and tear for a long time.
  • Polyester: What makes polyester seat covers popular among car owners is their affordability and durability. Polyester seat covers have fabric that can resist most chemicals and can easily be washed through a washing machine. Another factor that makes polyester seat covers well-liked is their ability to match colour of a car’s interior. This type of material has a lot of colour and pattern options that can match most car owner’s preferences. 
  • Canvas: Perhaps the most durable seat cover material out of this list is canvas. Canvas seat covers are very durable and comfortable that most car owners would surely enjoy using them. These seat covers can greatly endure harsh treatment and climate. They are also resistant to wear and tear. Just like leather seat covers, canvas seat covers also provide superior comfort and softness for you and your passengers.

Fit of Car Seat Cover

Aside from the material, you must also look for the right car seat cover fit for your car seats.

  • Universal: Universal seat covers are created to fit almost all types of car seats. These car seat covers are measured according to the normal dimensions of a car seat. So, the only limitation this car seat cover has is that it will not fit some cars with unique car seat dimensions.
  • Custom: As the name implies, custom car seat covers are designed according to the dimensions of your car seats. With these car seat covers, you can expect the exact fit of your car seat cover. The only drawback of custom car seat covers is that they are more expensive than the universal one.

Choosing the right car seat cover can be done right away if you know your options and their properties. To know more about your prospect car seat cover, you can always give us a call at All Car Carpets.