Moulded Flooring Installation

Please note as we supply such a large range of vehicles the below instructions are general in nature,
however please feel free to call if you have any questions about installation

  • When you receive your parcel, open it up and make sure you have everything you need
  • Lay your new carpet/vinyl flat and pop the moulded contours back into place. Allow a few hours for the product to relax back into its proper shape
    Do not leave carpet or vinyl out in hot weather - the flooring will overheat and lose its shape!
  • Remove door sill plates, kick panels, front seats and rear seat base. (At this point also remove the centre console if required). Remove seat belt bolts and any other trims that is holding the old carpet.
  • Remove original carpet/ vinyl. Remove original underfelt. Give the floor of your car a sweep/ vacuum to ensure it is clean before laying new carpet/ vinyl
    Do not throw out the original carpet
    Pay attention to where the underlay was positioned

  • Place new underlay into your car and trim to shape. We don't recommend reusing old underlay. If you need underlay, please contact us to place an order
  • Lay the new carpet flat on the ground and place the old carpet over the top as a template to mark out the shape- mark holes or any additional cut outs you may need to make to suit your individual car
    Do not cut anything yet
  • Working with the rear carpet/ vinyl first place the new carpet in your car by centring the carpet on the tunnel and work out toward the sides
  • Do the same to the front carpet, ensuring you are matching the contours to your car correctly
  • You may need to cut out some of your car points - gearstick, console brackets, etc. Please note our moulded floorings come with NO holes pre-cut, as each vehicle is slightly different
  • Cut any remaining holes that you have marked to fit carpet correctly
  • The best way to cut any holes is to start with a small incision and make it larger a little at a time to ensure you do not over cut
  • Finalise the shape of your carpet by trimming any excess
  • Put your car back together by replacing your rear seat base, seat belt bolts, centre console, front seat, kick panels, door sill plates and any other trims you have left over!

All you have to do now is sit back and enjoy your awesome new car interior!

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