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Moulded Flooring

Individually manufactured moulded flooring to suit your car

At All Car Carpets, we design and create your individual moulded flooring to suit your car and your lifestyle.

Our local manufacturing process gives us the flexibility to match our customers individuality.

If you are a tradie or love the outdoors then our moulded vinyl options would be perfect for you.

The moulded flooring has a lead time of 60 Business days ( approx) due to the current COVID situation in Victoria. Rest assured, we are dispatching orders as fast as we can. Thank you for understanding.

How we make the magic happen.

  • We take our fibreglass moulds of the floor pan of your car then using this mould we fit the carpet to suit. The carpet is crafted by using a heating process, and is backed with polyethylene plastic to protect it. The length of the new carpet/vinyl may vary slightly from the original carpet you had in your car, but this would not affect the final fit of the product.
  • To ensure the flooring is long lasting we stitch in a heel mat on the driver’s side to prevent wear and tear.
  • Trimming is required, as we do not cut holes in our carpet for transmission, seat mounts, door sills etc. as each car may vary slightly from the other. Always use your old carpet as a guide before you make an incision on the carpet. Please refer to Fitting Instruction or call us if in doubt.
  • The front carpets are overlocked, vinyl is bound along the width only. Rear carpets/vinyl is not overlocked/bound as it sits under the front carpet. Please note that you may have to cut into the binding or overlocking to ensure correct fitment, but this won’t affect the finished quality.
  • We allow a bit of extra metreage near the door strip to address any fitment issues.
  • The final product is a perfectly fitted flooring that will protect your car whilst looking a million bucks!

We have several types of types of flooring you can choose from: 

Executive Loop Pile

The Loop Pile is manufactured using high quality acrylic yarn that will stay looking brand new for ever!

Executive Plush Pile

Made with the same acrylic yarn as our loop pile, our plush pile carpet looks great and has the added bonus of being easy to clean - just what a busy family needs!

Heavy Duty Vinyl

For our heavy duty outdoor lovers, tradies or 4WDrivers our moulded vinyl flooring is what you need.

Just give it a quick wipe and it’s clean! Our hard wearing Vinyl doesn’t absorb moisture or water and it’s as tough as old nails.

We can fit a wide range of 4x4’s, utes, vans and trucks.

Prestige Classic Loop Pile

The Classic Loop Pile has been manufactured to replicate the interior of the vintage cars of the 60’s and 70’s. The combination of 80% Rayon and 20% Nylon ensures the classic loop pile stays true to its historical roots so your classic car can have a new lease on life!

Prestige Super Plush Pile

This pile is our top-of-the-line, ultra-luxe option. It’s lush, soft and feels amazing under foot. To create the lushness we use a higher yarn density to produce this carpet. It's the perfect choice for those cars that need an extra special feel.

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