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All Car Carpets provide three options of carpet underlay for your vehicle:

Standard Underlay
Standard felt underlay provides a reasonable level of noise reduction whilst minimising carpet movement and acts as a barrier between your vehicle’s steel floor and carpet. This helps maximise the life of your vehicle’s carpet and helps prevent wear-through. Standard underlay is a suitable solution for the majority of vehicles.

Soundproof/Waterproof Combination Underlay
For an even more effective noise reduction, we recommend our custom-made butyl core soundproof/waterproof combination underlay. Featuring a layer of butyl bonded to traditional waterproof foam, this soundproofing is great for minimising exhaust and road noise, particularly in high performance and off road vehicles. The waterproof foam layer also protects your car from absorbing any spills or splashes, avoiding the nasty “wet car” smell, and making it ideal for off-road and work vehicles as it enables you to hose out the interior floor of your car for easy cleaning.

Waterproof Underlay
Water Proof UnderlaySuitable for work vehicles or 4WD recreational vehicles. Closed-cell foam underlay will not absorb fluids such as water, oils, fuels etc. Unlike other underlays this is a wipe-dry application that will not rot or smell when wet. Ideal for work utes, 4WDs, Vans etc. Can also be used in Boats, Caravans, Trailers, Buses or any other application requiring underlay that could be subject to fluids.

Please Note
All Car Carpets reserves the right to substitute stock in accordance with supplier availability. All substitutions will be comparable or superior products. If you have any questions about our stock substitution policy, please speak with our friendly customer service staff.