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How to order your Moulded Carpet or Vinyl Flooring

 At ALL CAR CARPETS, we have 5 easy steps to purchase new carpet for your car.

  1. You can click on your vehicles logo at the top of the home page or
  2. Go to our search bar in the top right hand side and search your vehicle make there or
  3. Select from our full make range at the bottom of our home page
  4. Next select your model of vehicle, choose the style of carpet or vinyl you would like, select your colour choice from our huge range.
  5. Next choose your underlay style if required, remembering that you need one style of underlay under your new carpet at all times.
  6. Once you have selected your new car carpet, underlay, simply click on the checkout button, and follow the prompts from there. Make your payment, and then your new carpet and underlay will be on it way.


Every car carpet requires underlay under it, it is recommended to replace your old worn out, rotten, ripped underlay to give your new carpet the best possible protection, and life.

It also will stop it moving around and will make your cars inside a lot quieter, and comfortable.  Once you have selected your carpet, you have a choice to select underlay, soundproofing underlay, or waterproof underlay. Please note that you only require one style under you carpet.

Other Products

Would you like extra matching carpet to cover the bottoms of door panels, back and side of boot compartment, rear cabin walls, or anywhere else you want new carpet?

You can add extra carpet by the metre, or we can customise a size that you require. Simply select Carpet by the Metre from the home page and select the style, colour, and size you required.

Would you like to sample your carpet before you purchase?

Simply select Carpet Samples from the home page and select carpet style, or Vinyl, then the colour you would like, then click checkout to process your payment and then your sample will be on its way to you.   You may select multiple samples by repeating the process.

We also have under bonnet soundproofing pads, and other related soundproofing products. Click on these from our home page, to find out more about these quality products.

Any Questions?  Please use the Contact Us link, and we will be happy to answer. Thank you.